On Saturday, Michael and I set the alarm for 4:30a, finally woke up at 5:30a, and was out the door and en route to DC for the day by 6:30a. I can't fully disclose why we were in DC yet (hint, hint: alifewelldressed.com in DC perhaps?*wink*), but in the midst of our trip to Michael's hometown we made the most of it. It was a very long day hence the photo above and me sipping on my second cup of coffee by 1pm in my attempt to perk up and stay cool, but we had things to do, places to be and people to meet. Despite our agenda for the day we also squeezed in some time to visit our regular spots that we frequent when in town and also check out some new places that we've never visited before as well. Below are our highlights from the day! : )

The Tom Dixon shop is chic and luxe to the max. A British furniture line established in 2002, you will instantly drool over the details and design and immediately want to purchase everything in this two floor space.

I am a certified lipstick junkie, and I am not ashamed to admit it. My wardrobe isn't as bright or colorful so I definitely rely on a good lip to perk up my attire. Recently I have been wearing nothing but NYX lip colors. Mainly the liquid suede, butter, wicked lippie, and lip lingerie collections are in my current daily rotation. Here is my take on each collection:

Of course I am sharing with you another super cool and stylish home design store that you have to check out and the store is BEAM in Brooklyn. This super cool, perfectly curated, modern furnishing store will give you googly eyes and inspiration for days. They aren't cheap or super expensive, the prices are pretty fair but vary from a high $8000 chandelier to a low $16 for a planner and everything in between.

Since the launch of MrsChrish.com, I have shared with you my weight journey and vegan journey. I no longer consider myself vegan and even though  I do mainly eat plant based if I want to have chicken and waffles, then gosh darnet I'm going to eat chicken and waffles. Lol. The biggest lesson learned for me so far in my journey is practicing moderation and balance. I am 29 now and I have began to notice the changes in my body lately. I cannot snack on a whole bag of potato chips like I once did in my earlier 20's and eat nachos and pizza three times a week and barely gain a pound or still feel as active and energized. So I have been holding myself more accountable to practicing balanced and practical healthier habits more consistently.

If you follow my instagram page, then you've noticed that I've been rocking a new hairstyle lately, Crochet Braids! I must say that I loooovee this protective style, the style seems intimidating but its actually quite easy to install and if you aren't the best braider (like myself) you can still execute this style.