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Christian & Michael Warren


Photo Credit:  rainsoft.com

Photo Credit: rainsoft.com

About two months ago Michael and I had our water tested. While at Home Depot Michael saw a Rainsoft water testing kit, purchased it out of curiosity and mailed in our water test. Almost immediately (well I'm being dramatic, about a week later) after Michael mailed in the test we were contacted by Rainsoft for a free at home consultation. The result of the consultation, our water was so bad, us having hard water was an understatement so many chemicals, bacteria and hardness was found in our water. Rainsoft is a at home water treatment that purifies, treats and softens water. Ultimately providing you with the purest water which makes Brita look like a joke. The Rainsoft water filtration system removes bacteria, viruses, odors molds, chlorine, and "hardness" minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your faucet "drinking water" and regular faucet water. We even had our Brita water tested during our consultation and I was shocked with the amount of bacteria and hardness found even in our Brita water, it was definitely eye opening. The benefits of getting this system:

  • we automatically save money on soap, laundry products, etc. Since the water is purer you need less products to get the job done.
  • the system will support with a decrease on maintenance, and our pipes and plumbing will last longer since the amount of calcium build up in our pipes has reduced drastically.
  • Most importantly its such a healthy choice. The filtration system reduces the ingestion of bacteria, viruses and all of the above that can aide in illness and breaking down our immune system.
  • we now will receive 5 years worth of free organic cleaning and household products from Gohealthy360 as a incentive for installing the Rainsoft system. Not bad eh! 

Wherever you are located I urge you to check out a local water treatment company, even if you aren't interested in purchasing a system, it never hurts to arrange a test to see how good or bad your water might be and take it from there. So far I am beyond pleased with our system. My skin is softer and feels more moisturized, our food even tastes better, and I've noticed less calcium residue on our shower heads and sinks. To learn more about Rainsoft and hard water click here

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