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Christian & Michael Warren

Thanks YOU!!!  (Praying Hands Emoji)

Thanks YOU!!! (Praying Hands Emoji)

The vision of Cloud Of Our Own has been on the hearts of Michael and I for some time.  We've always had these individual ambitions but when we looked at them closer, our dreams have always been aligned.  And now, all of our dreams are even more aligned with coming arrival of our first son.  

When we found out that I was pregnant, naturally we paused the work we had started with A Life Well Dressed and MRSCHRISH to enjoy this special season in our lives.  It feels so rewarding to have started the journey of cloud. and share publicly what Michael and I have worked so hard on.  I appreciate every email, text, and comment of support that we have received so far. We believe we are just getting started and look forward to you checking in from time to time on our journey.


Checking In <3