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Q4- self review


Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? We are officially in the 4th quarter of this year, fall has basically arrived, summer is almost over and the holiday season is right around the corner. Sheesh, where has the time gone? At the beginning of the year I set personal goals for myself, I guess that you can call them "New Year" goals. I've always been very goal driven even at a very young age. If I wanted a doll or toys as a kid I used to write it down in my diary, plan out how much it cost and exactly how long it would take for me to achieve the goal and I would work towards it. Whether it was begging my mom to take me to Smart and Final to buy candy in bulk  and sell candy at school out of my locker, or make and sell lanyard. I even asked my grandmother to teach me how to Macrame so I could sell plant holders to make money at 10yrs old. If I wanted something I would plan and figure out how to get it, myself.  Even to this day I am very big on goal setting, it gives me personal accountability, focus and stability in a way. Have I fallen short on some of my goals, absolutely! I will probably miss the mark on plenty more goals to come, but continuing to focus and taking the necessary steps to align myself with where I want to be is the most awarding. Often times at work we have annual reviews and mid year check ins, so why not apply the same action into your personal life and goals. Self awareness and improvement to me is a consistent personal work in progress, but the key component is to not stop putting in the work and effort to achieve all that you intend to. So to get back on track with my post (sorry ya'll), here are some of my goals that were set at the beginning of the year and where I am at with them so far:

Moving day! We did not hire movers and moved all by ourselves. #neveragain lol

Moving day! We did not hire movers and moved all by ourselves. #neveragain lol

Buy a house- Check and done! (Long story short) What started out as apartment hunting in NYC turned into us purchasing our very first home in NJ. Feels good to say that this is one goal that I can cross off the list. 

Fitness and Health- This year has been challenging. Ever since my London trip earlier this year, I stopped eating plant based and it has been difficult for me to get back on the Vegan wagon 100% ever since. I now no longer pressure myself by trying to just eat plant based although I still mainly do. I am more balanced with my eating and exercising but still consider myself a WIP.

Friendships & consistent check ins- Living across the country it is so easy to become so wrapped up in my day to day life however I cannot use this as an excuse to not reach out more consistently to my nearest and dearest, whether its a text, phone call or mailing a card. I can proudly say that I have made more of an effort in being more present in my friendships even when I cannot physically be there. 


The rest of my goals I may reveal at the beginning of the year or I might not. Sometimes even when you have goals, you don't always need to share what the goal is, even if you accomplished it. Goal setting is for you and you only, its your own personal journey, sharing it is simply optional. Personally, I don't like sharing my goals before it is completed and even after its completed I am still a bit reserved about celebrating or speaking about it. I usually just move on to the next thing and celebrate internally or with close friends and family. All in all though it is never to late to start, & achieve. You got this!


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