Hey ya'll!! I know its been more than a minute since I've logged in and posted on Mrschrish.com. Almost 6 months to be exact. Sheesh!! What can I say, a girls been busy and I didn't want to just post new entries just to do it, I want whatever I post on my website to come from an organic space. I have so much in store for you all though in the near future that I can't wait to share, so please be sure to start checking in on my website regularly. Ok, getting back on track now for the reason of this post- Lately, I have been reflecting back on my 20's. In exactly 21 days I will be turning 30.

I can't even front, ever since I moved to the east coast fall has easily become my favorite season. It's not too hot, or too cold, the leaves changing, the appreciation for pumpkin and squash, fall colors, fall layers, I can get carried away with the reasons why I love fall. I am such a home body at heart (A.K.A. a cheap date. lol), but fall easily brings out this festive mood in me. I already started making my pumpkin fries, roasting my pumpkin seeds, drinking pumpkin chai latte's, buying too many squashes. lol. Any who, uncertain about what you want to do this fall season? Here are a few suggestions:

Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? We are officially in the 4th quarter of this year, fall has basically arrived, summer is almost over and the holiday season is right around the corner. Sheesh, where has the time gone? At the beginning of the year I set personal goals for myself, I guess that you can call them "New Year" goals. I've always been very goal driven even at a very young age. If I wanted a doll or toys as a kid I used to write it down in my diary, plan out how much it cost and exactly how long it would take for me to achieve the goal and I would work towards it. Whether it was begging my mom to take me to Smart and Final to buy candy in bulk  and sell candy at school out of my locker, or make and sell lanyard.

About two months ago Michael and I had our water tested. While at Home Depot Michael saw a Rainsoft water testing kit, purchased it out of curiosity and mailed in our water test. Almost immediately (well I'm being dramatic, about a week later) after Michael mailed in the test we were contacted by Rainsoft for a free at home consultation. The result of the consultation, our water was so bad, us having hard water was an understatement so many chemicals, bacteria and hardness was found in our water. Rainsoft is a at home water treatment that purifies, treats and softens water.